Please join us on October 2 for a half-day meeting of the BayBunch user group hosted by Computer Associates. We'll offer exciting new information and an opportunity for members to share their experiences.

When: Thursday, October 2, 2003

Computer Associates
1201 Marina Village Parkway
Alameda, CA 94501-1046
Tel. 510.769.1400
Ample parking is available.

Registration: You must RSVP by September 25 in order to ensure your participation.
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Meeting Agenda

8:00am   Coffee and and pastries sponsored by Computer Associates


Storage Solutions for z/Linux Environments
By Curtis Neil, IBM

Abstract: This presentation will explain IBM's Storage Solutions for Linux and how they deliver customer value. It will also describe recent storage enhancements that highlight productivity and disaster recover for z/Linux.

Speaker Bio: Curtis Neil currently works in the San Jose briefing center giving presentations on SAN, Disk Solutions and Virtualization topics, along with co-managing/supporting the Demo center where IBM has OS/390, AIX, SUN, HP, LINUX and Windows platforms. Curtis has 25 years of experience in the computing industry with both mainframe and open systems in roles such as consulting, education and as a test engineer.



Storage Management
By Tim O'Brien, Computer Associates

Abstract: Storage Management is always a challenge. Storage Management becomes even more complicated when you have guest/virtual operating environments. This session will focus on some of the storage management and backup/recovery challenges faced when running Linux/390 under z/VM. It will also touch on how these two environments can co-exist with the z/OS storage environment.

Speaker Bio: Tim O'Brien is a Senior Technology Consultant focusing on storage technology, issues, and challenges. He joined Computer Associates, International (CA) in February 2002. Prior to joining CA, Tim was a Senior Systems Engineer with Mainstar Software, EMC, Softworks and BETA Systems Software. Tim has been in Storage Management for 15 years. During that time, he has supported both Mainframe and Distributed Storage Management.



z/VM System Management
By Christine Casey IBM

Abstract: As more and more customers discover the benefits of z/VM virtualization technology and begin to deploy tens to hundreds virtual images, they will like to find ways to easily manage their systems. This presentation gives a general overview of the various systems management options available on z/VM today.

Speaker Bio: Christine Casey joined IBM in 1973 and has been in VM development for the last 20 years. She has worked on several areas of the system; including CMS Console support and terminal management, XA I/O, XEDIT SFS, CMS multitasking, the CMS Graphical User Interface, Java and NetRexx, including some cross-platform work with Java on z/OS. Most recently Christine has been the strategist for Systems Management on VM, and led teams on the Virtual Machine Resource Manager (VMRM) and Systems Management APIs. Chris has been a speaker at several customer and vendor briefings, SHARE, z/VM technical conferences, and other user group meetings.

Lunch hosted by Computer Associates. Please join us afterwards for further discussions over lunch -- sponsored by Computer Associates.

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